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How Do You Know You Have The Alopecia?

How Do You Know You Have The Alopecia?

Do not worry or fret when you see this much in the morning. It is not at all a hair-raising encounter that you are about to go through. What is happening is the following. You are preparing yourself in the privacy of your bathroom for the rest of the day. You are just about ready to put the finishing touches to your grooming exercise, and what do you notice? You notice that, all of a sudden, there is quite a large tangle of your old hair in your comb or hairbrush.

In the middle of the night, while you were sleeping, what could have happened? How could it have been that you lost so much hair? Actually, it is not much. It is hardly a feather, because what you have just witnessed and experienced is entirely natural. It happens to all of us at some stage of our lives. In fact, it happens throughout our lives. It is quite natural to be shedding some hair, like birds molting as they shed their feathers in preparation for the next stage of their growth, and the next season of flight.

alopecia totalis

No need to panic because, more than likely, you do not have what is known as alopecia totalis. It is a disease and, of course, it is the natural phenomenon of shedding an excessive amount of hair at a regular rate. For many men, and even women, the loss of hair can be so bad that they can go pretty much bald. But even for them, all is not lost, because their hair can be restored. At this stage, you have little to fear because before you know it, your hair is going to grow back, naturally enough, as it turns out.