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The Causes That Lead To Testosterone Replacement

The Causes That Lead To Testosterone Replacement

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There are numerous causes of and symptoms of low levels of testosterone. Before you shoot off to your testosterone replacement therapy Florida center, every effort is being made to make mention of (at least) most of the causes and symptoms here in this short article. For both men and women, the loss of libido or a low sex drive is a prevailing symptom of low testosterone levels. As far as the men are concerned, erectile dysfunction is common.

Many of you reading this right now have heard of IBS as in irritable bowel syndrome. But irritable male syndrome? Now there is one for the books, something which your specialist testosterone replacement therapist can tell you more about. As it is, it is yet another symptom of low testosterone levels among men. During this traumatic time, depression can also occur. Apart from testosterone replacement therapy, there is treatment for that as well.

You could just say that depression can be linked to memory loss and what is also known as sleep apnea. And they will all be tied in with increased levels of fatigue. A considerable lack of sleep is bound to make anyone tired, but sleep apnea. For others who do not fully appreciate this condition, it would be a dream come true if you will. But this is not something to chortle about because this could become chronic if not nipped in the bud.

Particularly among the older men, both hair loss and muscle loss is quite common. It does, however, form part of the process of natural ageing. But for many men today, the drop in energy is a bit extreme and for that treatment may be required, and indeed, is available. You can talk to your specialist as early as today if you fear the worst.